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Dr. Jo Warin Visits Guelph-Humber

Dr. Jo Warin, a researcher from Lancaster University, visited Guelph-Humber to lecture about identity and sense of self.

More than 100 students from Early Childhood Education and Family Community and Social Services attended the lectures between March 19-21.

Dr. Warin’s lectures discussed the importance of co-operation between students, teachers and parents, and the results of a research study on children, and male teachers.

She said that she tried to convey a message in each lecture.

“I think the lecture topics were all important because they’re things that professionals who are going to be working with early year education, or professionals who are going to be working to support families will need to know,” said Warin, “I hope all the lectures had something to say about policy and practice.”

Elle McNeil, a second-year FCSS student said Dr. Warin’s lecture gave her a new perspective.

“Dr. Warin provided us with an interesting perspective on the importance of engaging hard to reach parents. Her talk helped further our understanding of the impact we can make as professionals working with children and families in the community and gave us an understanding of how difficult it can be.”

Mohamad Haniff, an ECE and FCSS professor, said Warin’s lectures reinforced concepts covered in his Adolescent Development class.

“Her research experience helped validate some of the theory learned in class. She referred to several of the concepts covered in class and it showed the students the value they hold.”

ECE and FCSS program head, Paul Sherman said he invited Dr. Warin to Guelph-Humber because her research interests were relevant to the curriculum and provided a new perspective.

“I think the student benefited from hearing about some unique research and practice in education outside of Canada, and in particular from a professor coming from an international university.”

Dr. Warin, who works and lives in the UK, said her visit to Canada was also the first time lecturing students outside of the UK.

She felt students were engaged and asked her interesting questions.

Sherman said students can learn a lot from professors visiting the university.

“One student thanked Jo, saying how grateful she was to learn from a visiting professor who travelled such a great distance to come to Guelph-Humber. This pretty well sums up why G-H makes arrangements for visiting professors.”

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